Here at Cummins and Associates Financial Group, our strength is in our commitment to quality.  Our firm has developed into one of the leaders in the local financial services industry. We have a wealth of experience and resources that enables our clients to make decisions that lead to better financial outcomes.

Our value lies in our process. We help individuals, families, and businesses who want a trusted advisor that can provide comprehensive advice. We coordinate professionals (CPAs, Estate Planning Attorneys, etc) to provide a holistic planning experience.

Until we learn about your goals, your current position and where you want to be in the future, quite frankly, we don't feel comfortable making any recommendations. We focus on building long term relationships with all of our clients. Our team members will really listen in order to help business owners, professionals and their families navigate their own often complex and murky financial waters.

Creating financial independence doesn't happen overnight. Working with us isn't required but taking the time to sit down with someone who can help you make educated decisions about your future should be. Our clients feel professional advice is a top priority in achieving their personal financial goals. When given a choice to manage their financial futures on their own or to seek professional advice, our clients choose professional advice. Let us earn your trust by assessing your current situation, learning where you want to go in life and working with you to determine the most efficient means of accomplishing your goals.

Our motto at Cummins & Associates is "Retirement. Done right"

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